La Santa Muerte – Święta Śmierć


Belief Basics

Rites dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Death include processions and prayers with the aim of gaining a favor.Some believers of Santa Muerte remain members of the Catholic Church, while millions are cutting ties with the Catholic Church and founding independent Santa Muerte churches and temples. Altars of Santa Muerte temples generally contain one or multiple images of the lady, generally surrounded by any or all of the following: cigarettes, flowers, fruit, incense, water, alcoholic beverages, coins, candies and candles.

In Perdig N Casta eda 2021 there is a paper on the Blessed Virgin Mary and her death. In this paper she outlines how the cross was offered to her after her ascension, and it is then she was buried for all eternity. Then, after the Crucifixion was over, the body was taken down from the cross. After this, the Virgin Mary was given the keys of the Cross and was raised from the grave without ever being touched. This is how she was glorified and given dignity as the virgin mother of God.